How to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe Pt.2: Style Analysis

A style analysis of what to keep or get rid of is the next step in building a minimalist wardrobe.

(Just getting started? Read this post first!)

Grab a pen and paper to take note of the the colors, styles, etc that you like/dislike while going through items your closet. Here's my list:

Colors I want to keep and/or add:

deep colors:

burgundy, teal, etc.

jewel tones:

royal blue, purple, etc.

desaturated colors:

blush, rose, etc.

neutral colors:

black, brown, grey, navy, white, etc.

Colors I want to subtract and/or wear in accent pieces (including accessories or nails).

bright colors:

hot pink, orange, etc.

pastel colors:

mint, lavender, etc. 

Some styles I want to keep:

crop tops


high waisted denim

a-line/flared skirts & dresses

raglan tops

wide leg denim

slim sweatpants

Some styles I want to cut (or wear sparingly):

peplum tops

dresses or skirts made of thin, flimsy fabric.


boat neck & v-neck tops

This the general starting point for my minimalist wardrobe, which is subject to change. It's mostly a guide to follow when I'm shopping. The idea is to keep from buying things (for the sake of buying) that I won't end up wearing later. The end goal is to shop smarter and build a more personalized wardrobe.

Paige Brown

South Carolina

20-Something | Fashion Content Creator + Personal Stylist | South Carolina