How to Shop for Other People

Which one is harder, shopping for yourself or other people? I say it depends on the occasion, but at the moment I like shopping for other people more. It's not hard, you just need to keep in mind the following tips and you'll be good to go next time!

Pay attention to their current style.

The last thing you want to do is spend your time and money on clothes that someone will never end up wearing! At some point, we've all had to pretend to like a bad gift. Don't let yourself be the reason for the lies! For example, If you've only seen your friend wearing black and white, don't go buying her a bunch of bold colorful prints. Trust me, she doesn't want that! Take note of the stores, brands, colors, and styles she's always wearing and go from there.

Shop for them not you.

Going off of my first tip, make sure you are shopping for them! Yes, you may think that faux leather skirt is cute, but if y'all don't have the same taste in clothes she probably won't like it. Unless she explicitly asks for a makeover or for you to pick out certain things don't go too far outside her current style when picking things out.

Ask for their clothing sizes.

Even if you buy something great as a gift it means nothing if it doesn't fit. Make sure you know the basic sizes (top, pants, dress, outerwear, and shoes) as well as measurements (bust, waist, hips) especially if you're shopping online. Keep in mind that sizes are not always the same at every store, so pay attention to the actual item an not just the number when selecting items.

Ask for Help.

This is important because most (especially older people) don't realize sizes do differ by store. For example, stores like Forever 21 sell their jeans by waist size instead of by the even number size chart like Charlotte Russe. Also, note that odd (usually junior's) and even (usually women's) numbered sizing is completely different. Do not try to put the numbers in order to guess the right size. For example, I wear a size 7 jeans, but I once received a birthday gift in a size 8.  They were way too big and ended up never being worn.

It's okay to ask for help.  Whether it's from someone who knows the person's style better than you or an in-store stylist who can help lead you in the right direction. Save yourself (and sales associate) the headache of having to do a return or exchange later. Or worse, having your gifts collecting dust in the back of someone's closet. Happy shopping!

Paige Brown

South Carolina

20-Something | Fashion Content Creator + Personal Stylist | South Carolina